Schipbreukeling – Mathieu Charles


City centre:

From Arnhem central station, it is best to move to Rozet as a pedestrian.
Go straight out of the station, then turn right at the Spar on your left hand side, continue to go straight ahead for a bit and turn left to the “Nieuwe Oeverstraat”; the Rozet will be on your left hand side, across from the Holiday Inn.

Showroom Arnhem
Taking the same directions as going to Rozet, pass by Rozet, then turn right, and turn left again past the Albert Heijn: Showroom Arnhem will be next to the Albert Heijn on the left hand side.

Collectie de Groen
After having visited Rozet, take a left into the “kortestraat”, take a right at the next T intersection, and take another right when standing next to “HEMA”, then walk for another few metres and collectie de Groen will be on your right hand side.

After having visited Collectie de Groen, turn right when you walk out of the entrance, walk straight for a bit and continue to walk left with the curved road. When arriving at the Audrey Hepburnplein, you will see the iconic land beacon which is the Eusebius church on your right.

WALTER books
When walking from Arnhem central station, walk straight, crossing the intersection while continuing to walk straight, walking past the ING bank and past Sushi KOI. Then when in front of restaurant Dadawan, go left around, and WALTER books will be right behind Dadawan on your right.

Waalse kerk
After having visited the Eusebius church, it’s time to visit the next church which is only a 4 minute walk away. After exiting Eusebius, go right and walk on the “boerenstraat”. Walk past the municipal building, which will be on your right, then turn left on the T-section, and go right again, which will be next to the police station. De Waalse kerk will be on your left.

Bezoekerscentrum Molenplaats Sonsbeek
Exit the backside of Arnhem central station (Amsterdamseweg), then follow Bouriciusstraat towards the Sonsbeek park. Once having entered the park, follow the path swerving to the left, and you will see Molenplaats to be the first building on your right.

De Palatijn
After having visited Molenplaats, follow the path going right, passing the Nederlands Watermuseum, and turn a sharp right, passing a small bridge over the water, then turn the next possible left, and a sharp right again. You will see de Palatijn on your left.

Exiting de Palatijn, you will see de Stadsvilla on the right, next to de Palatijn.

Buitenplaats Koningsweg
Going to Buitenplaats Koningsweg is advised to go by public transport, by car or by bike.
With public transport, bus 9 towards “Schaarsbergen IPC” will go from Burgermeestersplein every 30 minutes to the stop Schaarsbergen, Kaderschool Luchtmacht. This stop is directly in front of Buitenplaats Koningsweg. This will take about 15 minutes.

De Hoge Veluwe (Schaarsbergen)
You can take the bus straight to Schaarsbergen. Take bus 9 towards “Schaarsbergen IPC” and get out at the stop “Schaarsbergen, Koningsweg”. This will take about 16 minutes.

Kröller Müller Museum
Kröller Müller Museum is accessible by public transport, car, or bike. Although the bike ride from Arnhem central station will be around an hour long.
From Arnhem central station, you can take bus 105 to Barneveld, and get out at the stop “Otterlo, Rotonde”. Then transfer to bus 106 Nat Park De Hoge Veluwe, for two stops and get out at the stop “De Hoge Veluwe, ingang Otterlo”, which is right in front of the museum.
You can also take bus 105 from Arnhem central station to the stop “Otterlo centrum”, and then walk for 15 minutes (take the Dorpstraat), which will take you right to KMM!
When going with the bike or car, check Google Maps.

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