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the school of narrative dance is looking for performers


We are looking for participants for a live performance/ intervention taking place in the city of Arnhem! Under the title ‘The School of Narrative Dance’, founder Marinella Senatore and two choreographers are kicking off a series of workshops in July (online) and August (offline) that center movement, collective practice, music, but also conversations, the sharing of experiences, skills and memories. This process is all about community building and social closeness in times of physical distance. Together we will be working towards a performance that closes sonsbeek20→24, with a celebration of collectivity, empowerment and different ways of being together!


Amateurs and professionals, skaters and parkour runners, spoken word performers, marching bands, choirs, old, young, employed, unemployed, dancers and non-dancers, basically everyone with a love for performance, whether discovered or not yet! Or anyone who after a year of ongoing limitations wants to participate in a process that motivates healing and openness. Do you know someone that might want to join? Do not hesitate to share this Open Call! 


This collective action is an edition of School of Narrative Dance, founded by Marinella Senatore, an always site-specific and community-led project that is nomadic and free of charge; its alternative system of education is based on emancipation, inclusion and self-cultivation. The School explores storytelling choreographically, connecting non- hierarchical learning, self-training and active citizenship to dance and collective movement. Where mindful movements and storytelling are common languages that celebrate the vernacular, amateur and professionally trained gestures of the participants, the School’s ‘narrative dance’ opens up possibilities in perceiving reality and social change, building temporary new ideas of community. 


Sign up through this link or send an email to for more info. We look forward to hearing from you!

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