Schipbreukeling – Mathieu Charles

stanley brouwn

In a time when everything is conditioned around distancing one cannot or should not afford to overlook surinamese-dutch conceptual artist stanley brouwn in reconceptualizing space in general and distance in particular. We are made to understand that the piece with the notation KM 131.564 is 283 x 56,6 x 56,6 cm, but when we do a translation of stanley brouwn's own measurement we notice that 2 foot = 60,96 cm and 10 foot = 304,8 cm there is obviously a discrepancy that poses the question as to which or whose foot did brouwn use for his sculpture. What becomes obvious is the fact that the standard unit of length foot is a systems of measurement of the British empire and United States of America based on a particular human body which is exported to the rest of the world; the adult caucasian male body.

Which is to say that if brouwn chooses to use his own foot, the foot of an unquestionably black man, there is a subtle but powerful presence that functions within a larger narrative of abstraction common in African expressions which is more significant than figurative presences.

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