Schipbreukeling – Mathieu Charles

Nader Mohamed Saadallah

The Forgotten series

Nader Mohamed Saadallah's contribution includes three documentary films. The first film focuses on metal casting. Once a traditional craft in Egypt, its practice has almost disappeared. Skilled labourers narrate their craft and labour. Saadallah invites them to come closer revealing their own perception of the labour and associated hardships. The enclosed workshops and ritual of metal casting reflect a forgotten labour practice, a fixed process that repeats itself while the world moves in different directions. Saadallah’s second work also explores this subject of craft, physical labour, skill and repetition, focusing on calligraphy. The main subject is Hakim, a calligrapher in Alexandria who works without hands. The third film is situated in Sri Lanka, and focuses on the country’s tea production. It highlights a tea estate by the name of Bluefield, left abandoned after colonial rule. Over time the current owners brought the estate back to life. 

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