Schipbreukeling – Mathieu Charles

Julieta Aranda

Time will tell: an unreadable script takes shape and then destroys itself

Julieta Aranda´s installation draws on the importance of dying for intergenerational life. The work´s form and function is loosely inspired by both whale falls, when whale carcasses sink to the bottom of the ocean, and nurse logs, namely fallen trees that, as they decay, provide ecological facilitation to seedlings and other life forms. It highlights the status of ‘Double Death’ by both changing the understanding of death as something that is ‘outside’ and external to circles of life as much as by the toxification and poisoning that carries on in matter and energy. By existing both as a piece of art and as a work that thinks of life to be birthed and nurtured through it, it alludes to two simultaneous time scales: geological, impenetrable time and a generous, gift of life-through-death kind of time. 

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