Schipbreukeling – Mathieu Charles

Jennifer Tee

Respire, the world begins with trees

Tee’s work explores the symbiotic network that plants and trees use to communicate and grow, and how this interactive ‘colony’ model offers both a paradigm for considering movement and migration of people in Arnhem. The tree of life motif refers to the fractal geometry of plant structures, wherein similar patterns appear on both micro and macro levels. The clay for the bricks was sourced from a variety of locations. Some are adorned with leaf prints from local foliage found in Park Sonsbeek. Tee pairs the sculpture with another work, a textile banner made with recycled PET material and printed with collages made from leaves and branches from the park. Alongside the sculpture, a durational group performance will be developed together with dancer and choreographer Marjolein Vogels, in which the growth structure and the sensitivities of trees will be explored. 

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