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1971 Sonsbeek Buiten de Perken - Broken Circle-Spiral Hill (1971), photo Serge Paul, Aug.2001.jpg

Below is a short overview of items we are still missing in the archive. Archival material can be anything and everything. There is also material that sonsbeek is not yet aware of, which means that this list is not exhaustive.


  • In particular, we would like to receive photographs from sonsbeek ’49, sonsbeek ’52, sonsbeek ’55 and sonsbeek ’58. There is no documentation of small sculpture [MOU1] and pavilions with small sculpture from the first sonsbeek exhibitions. There is, as far as we know, also no photographs of the pavilion distributing information and catalogues to visitors during sonsbeek ’49. Was there such a pavilion, similar to sonsbeek ’52?
  • Photographs of Mike Kelly’s exhibition, The Uncanny, in what was then the Gemeentemuseum Arnhem (this exhibition formed part of sonsbeek ’93). We would like to be able to archive more (visual) material from this high-profile exhibition so that a more complete picture of the exhibition can exist.
  • Photographs of the construction and production process for artworks for all the sonsbeek exhibitions.


  • Particularly from sonsbeek ’49 – sonsbeek ’71.

Other materials

  • Printed material from sonsbeek ’49, sonsbeek ’52, sonsbeek ’55, sonsbeek ’58 and sonsbeek ’71 (visitor information, maps, leaflets, press reports).
  • We are missing maps for a number of early sonsbeek exhibitions, but we also do not know whether these ever actually existed. We also do not know exactly where the artworks were exhibited at all the sonsbeek exhibitions.
  • Interviews, TV or other press with participating artists or sonsbeek curators. A considerable amount of press coverage from newspapers and magazines for sonsbeek ’66, sonsbeek ’86 and sonsbeek 2001 has been archived – press coverage for these editions is to all extents and purposes complete since a sonsbeek employee was responsible for collecting press reports.
  • Documentation of learning activities for sonsbeek ’49 – sonsbeek ’71. For example, school visits, student visits and guided tours that took place (and by whom?)
  • Documentation in the broadest sense of the term (photographs, press reports, leaflets, diary entries, letters, permits etc) about or originating from sonsbeek ’71 communication centres. These communication centres were based in Arnhem, Maastricht, Groningen, Haarlem, Rotterdam and Enschede. Telex machines were used in these centres, but only a few telex reports from Enshede have survived. This means very little of the activities of these communication centres has been archived.

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